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From: Justin Michie - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Dear Hopeful Online Money Maker, 


I’ve got bad news…


And you’re not going to like it.



It’s unfortunate…but the truth can’t be hidden a minute longer.


If you’ve been on the Internet trying to figure out how to make a living online...


You’ve been...






and abused


by a sophisticated gaggle of gurus eager to punk you out of your lunch money until there’s nothing left.


What am I talking about?


Tell me if any of these claims sound familiar:


“Hit Just One Button On My Software And Make Hundreds Of Thousands Each Month!”

Or how about this one:


“You can be making your first sale within the hour!”


Or this one:


“If you have the right system…making money at the push of a button is something you can set your clock to!”

A lie the gurus KNOW is a lie…but peddle anyway so they can fill their coffers with another dose of “punk money.”


Deep down you already know that.





But once you get inside you see a different picture…


You see “secret” search engine “hacks” that’ll get you delisted from Google faster than a black hatter on steroids…


RSS feed syndicators that do nothing but generate hate mail...


And Facebook “loopholes” that will get you banned before you can say “I’ve been scammed!”


And if you believe that spamming forums or auto syndicating RSS feeds will actually help you feed your family…I pity you...


And that’s not just me saying that...


That’s a provable fact!


Let me break it down...


Organizing launch partners? Building sales pages? And testing conversions?


Why all the effort, if they could just hit the magic button on that software again and make all the money they’ll ever need?


Or would you just kick back and enjoy your money...


What would you do?


When you realize the answer to that’ll realize how badly you’ve been lied to...


So you get the software and quickly realize it either

  1. Doesn’t work

  2. Or it’ll require more work to make it effective than you’re currently working at your day job



There’s hope for you yet…


I’m Justin Michie...


A REAL online marketer…making a REAL living…with a REAL business that WON'T make anyone rich overnight.




All while working only 1 or 2 hours per day from my mansion in Mexico. Just check out the view of the beach just steps from my house...




Money you could use to pay off ruthless creditors...


Money you can use to FINALLY get ahead of your bills.


Money you can use to finally treat your wife to that necklace she’s always wanted...


Or maybe you could just have ONE day where stress about money doesn’t haunt you like an angry bloodhound from morning until night...


You won’t get there with “push button tactics”




You see...


I won’t insult your intelligence with claims of overnight riches...


Anyone one who does should be avoided like the plague.


If you want to set up a REAL online business...

One that actually pays REAL bills...


It’s going to take some work...


In took me hundreds of hours of solid grunt work before I even made my first dollar online.


You’re probably thinking “Justin, I don’t have that sort of time to burn."


And I don’t blame you.


But here’s the thing…


Just because it took me hundreds of hours to make my first sale...


Doesn’t mean it needs to take you that long...


Because making money online has a formula…and once you know know where the treasures are buried…



I’m talking about people making up to $500 in their first week.

And then ramping it up to $2,500 or more in their first month.


And rounding it out to a solid $87,849 per year working just ONE hour per day!


That ain’t a dream.

That’s the reality of students who have taken my proprietary formula and ran with it…


What if you knew how to create profit windfalls of $857...per day? From a laptop in Cancun...


...Or from your cousin's bar mitzvah


...Or on your lunch break...


Even if you’re allergic to selling...


This will work for you.




Enter Email To Download:

(11 downloads remaining)



And here’s why it works so damn well...


Let’s break it down.

Internet Marketing Gone Wild is made up of 10 separate modules each focused on building a different income stream to set up a 6-figure online business. Each of the modules include:

  • Detailed step-by-step training videos that hold your hand through the entire process. The videos for each module take you from scratch to setting up your business and creating unlimited recurring streams of income to your heart’s content.

  • In-depth 'how to' reports. Some things just are better and faster explained with the written word. These reports go into even greater detail and show you hidden secrets, advanced tips and the best techniques for every imaginable aspect of your online business.

  • You'll also get tons of extras. Extras such as templates, software, graphics, quick-start and how-to guides, PLR material - pretty much everything you need. These are all five star material and they will save you oodles of time and money.

You can do this after work.

You can do this before work.

You can do this before bed.


But most importantly:



The step by step training makes it practically impossible for you to fail.


In fact, the only way you won’t make a full time income with this system, is if you just don’t try!


Here's a just a tiny glimpse of the game-changing insider secrets I'm going to unleash in the just the first few modules...


Module 1: Blogging
To The Bank

In this module you'll discover why you should make blogging the foundation of your business.

Here I unlock the mysteries of blogging and show you how to exploit them so you can legally rob the “internet bank” on a daily basis.

This includes how to set one up, which plug-ins to use, how to search engine optimize it and even tons of free ways to
suck in boatloads of targeted traffic.

You'll also discover multiple ways to monetize a blog. You're going to discover every single little trick and crafty tweak to turn your blog into a profit-sucking powerhouse of awesome potential.

So you'll get amazing secrets like these...

Why it's so important to start with a blog before you do ANYTHING else online.

How to set up and have a working blog in no time - even if you've never put up a page on the web in your life.

The only blogging software to use - with this you'll enjoy virtually no limit traffic generation, dramatic SEO benefits, powerful visitor interaction and an unforgettable visitor experience.

The art and science of blog layout - discover what colors convert best and where to put ads for stellar results.

The smart way to get automatic backlinks from high ranking blogs that will skyrocket your blog's page rank practically overnight!

Plugin Magic - the plugins you need to use and how to use them to turn your blog into a search engine traffic magnet automatically.

10 golden methods to make money automatically with your blog.



Module 2: Automatic
Affiliate Marketing

Pop quiz: How can you make money without a website, without a product and never worry about customer support?  

There’s only one way….

Affiliate marketing!

It's one of the easiest ways to make guaranteed money online. Inside this module, you'll discover exactly what it takes to be a super affiliate.

You'll discover the insider shortcuts to profit instantly. In no time, you'll be earning 10 times what your competition is earning and with just a few small tweaks.

Using these techniques you could make your entire living from just a few well chosen and properly promoted affiliate programs.


I'll show you exactly how to quickly and easily get started. And then, the advanced techniques that will launch you to the top of the charts in affiliate contests and better yet --  enjoying big monthly checks.

Just some of the secrets you'll discover....

How to choose the most lucrative programs for your business and what to avoid like the plague. Choose the wrong program and you might as well just take all the cash in your wallet and flush it.

Where to find programs that pay you instantly - no waiting weeks or months for payouts.

The 5 most effective ways to make money as an affiliate PLUS how to earn monthly recurring incomes automatically.

How to easily set up a long term business that will run on autopilot.

How to take top spot as a super affiliate at product launches. You’ll be amazed at how your reputation skyrockets when you implement this.

How to earn 10x the commissions in just a few more minutes work. In fact, one technique I'm going to share with you,
increased my commissions by 3,700%



Module 3: Totally Easy Traffic Generation

A lack of low cost, high quality, targeted traffic is what kills most internet businesses - but not yours!

Because I'm giving you the inside track. Just imagine how far you'll go when I expose you to every single one of my raw, uncut, dirty little traffic secrets from my closely guarded bag of tricks. And it doesn't matter if you start with nothing

Here's just a taste...

I've also got a few sneaky strategies up my sleeve that will generate 1,000's of visitors a day in less than 5 minutes – and it's all free.

And here are just a few exciting insider secrets you'll be thrilled to discover in the course...

The 5 fastest ways to generate a torrential downpour of traffic. I can’t believe nobody else is teaching these…but they aren’t!

The secret strategy I've only ever shared once before - that no one ever talks about - which will give you hundreds of visitors a day and takes only a few minutes to implement.

Light a fire under your affiliates that will practically force them to send you unstoppable traffic. Here's how to do it.

Get to the top 10 on Google in no time flat- it's a lot easier than you might think.

How to plug into the powerhouse of viral marketing - the only limit here is your imagination and desire.

I'll also show you the top ways to a get a lot of traffic fast with minimal effort PLUS hundreds of unique ways to get targeted visitors to your website.

How to get lifetime backlinks as high as PR 5-6 for free!



Module 4: Lazy List Building Secrets

Once you've built a list of subscribers, you'll know what it's like to have the keys to the Kingdom Of Instant Wealth.

With even a small sized email list, you can literally make $1,000 or more in less than 5 minutes work – it's some of the easiest money you'll ever make.

And when you have a responsive list, JV partners will beat a path to your door with special deals.

You'll have the kudos (and sweet prizes) that go with winning JV promotions. And top marketers will begin to seek you out.

You don't need to make do with a tiny list. Most people's lists have less than 500 subscribers on them. Yet the sort of list you want - one with real BLASTING power - is tens of thousands strong! Sound hard to do? Think again. I did it in under 30 days.

These secrets give you the power to realistically pull in as many as 10,000 eager subscribers in under a month. The kind of list that provides you with a consistent source of income you can rely on whenever times get tough.

Just look at this screenshot:

You'll also get the 5 best ways to build a big list lightening fast - and some of them can add 1,000's of subscribers and literally take only 5 minutes a month.

And here's the best part. You should be able to make $1 per subscriber per month (especially once I'm done with you!). But even if you slack off and only manage half that - How does a paltry $5,000 a month sound from just a few hours work?

And here's just a tiny taster of the devastating secrets I'm going to unleash on you in this module...

No list? No problem! Five fast ways to build a list of a thousand or more people from scratch - for free.

How to get 10,000 subscribers in less than 30 days - then double or triple it in a few months.

The simple secrets to outsourcing subscriber generation - if you're short of time, here's how to get things rolling in half the time, without losing your shirt.

How to turn your opt-in page into a subscriber-sucking vortex (the uncensored secrets of irresistible giveaways to turbo-charge your opt-ins).

How to make mad cash by paying for subscribers. This little money monster has been sitting right under your nose waiting to be exploited.

The Super Secret List Building Formula (the "why didn't I think of that" viral technique to building an instant army of eager affiliates working for you 24/7/365).

The four golden methods to create a tsunami of valuable opt-in subscribers (my own proven ways to get a boatload of subscribers in record time).



Module 5: Super Quick Product Creation

The top money makers on the internet come in all shapes and sizes. But there's a single characteristic they all have... their own products.

Want to create your own killer product, but don't have the time?

I'll show you how to create a big seller super quickly and super easily. I'll also show you how to find hot markets and dominate niches like crazy, as well as the secrets to exploding your profit potential.

In this exciting module, you'll get every stellar short cut and street smart technique I have to help you create your own cash sucking goldmine of an exclusive product - in record time.

Secrets like these...

How to find and dominate niche markets and create products that sell like hotcakes. (You'll discover the vital secret to choosing profitable and easy to sell in niches.)

Raise your game with my 4 best writing tips to instantly go from ho hum to WOW! - no need to be an English Major.

6 hardcore writing strategies that will empower you to churn out top quality content far faster than you could ever imagine.

How to use PLR to create a new unique product lightening fast and gain a distinct edge over 95% of all the other people who have bought the same PLR product.

Pricing magic (the MUST HAVE art of maximizing profits by balancing price, value, bonuses and likely sales).

The key reason why people buy. Once you understand this simple principle, you'll be well on your way to your first million dollar product.

How to repurpose your project (why creating multiple formats of the same product slashes your research time, while exploding your profit potential).

How to make extra income from your product - on autopilot (invest a couple of hours now and you could enjoy a regular extra income for years ahead).



Module 6: Cash Sucking Sales Copy Secrets

Being able to sell yourself, your product, your service, your idea is one of the single most important skills any human being who wants to be independently wealthy can possess.

Good copywriters can command $5,000 right up to $50,000 or more plus royalties, for a single sales letter. That's a lot of cash.

The good news is that after hundreds of hours and dozens of sales letters, I've cracked their code.

In this module I'm going to give you every single one of my dirty little tips and secrets to creating an itch so bad, it can only be scratched by hitting “buy now!”
Not only will I teach you the skills you'll need, but I'll give you sales letter, headline and copy templates that are deadly powerful. You won't want to miss this one – it could easily add another figure to your income this year.

You'll get straight from the source, hard core, insider techniques like these...

How to create lethal sales letters that SUCK cash from your prospects like a tornado.

Psychological triggers that tickle your prospect's hot buttons, virtually compelling them to buy your product.

Secret micro-persuasion techniques that draw readers in and don’t let them go until they buy.

50 fill-in-the-blank headline templates to start your copy off right PLUS my step-by-step formula to perfecting that crucial opening paragraph.

Your call to action (I'll reveal all my little known hardcore secrets to stop your reader wanting to think about it and make them unable to relax until they've bought your product).

Compelling bonus strategies (I have achieved mega sales with the careful use of bonuses, so now you'll be privy to my raw, uncensored data).

57 kick a$$ ways to increase your conversion rates. These can be used right away to immediately send your conversions through the roof.



Module 7: Getting Rich With Joint Ventures

What's the secret of the top 1% of online earners?
Their use of JVs. They combine forces with their JV partners and multiply many times over the money each would make if working alone.

Online joint ventures are one of the easiest way to make lots of money there is -- so why do so few do them? Well, to start, un-established marketers simply can't get partnerships set up with the big names online unless they let you into their club.

I'll give you the inside scoop to JVing with elite marketers and exploding your profits on a dime. What you'll learn will be so effective, they'll actually be banging down your door to work with you.  

So brace yourself for an express ride up to the elite joint venture’s penthouse suite, where you'll be privy to secrets like these...

The golden key to unleashing the awesome power of a joint venture - once you've mastered this you’ll never want for cash again.

The right way to approach a potential JV partner and the 3 things you MUST look for - if they're not there- then don't commit.

How to get top guns and gurus to WANT to joint venture with you -- these are secrets never revealed before!

The downsides to joint venturing and how you can practically eliminate the risk involved.

Your “crystal ball” that you can use to find out within minutes if your JV is going to be profitable - before you even get started.

How the right JV can make you money over and over, but you only have to do it once.

The real secret of joint ventures compared with straight advertising (I'll show you exactly why joint ventures are so awesomely powerful).



Module 8: Membership Site Mayhem

Membership sites are all the rage... and for good reason.

Membership sites don't just lay the foundation for passive income... they build it right up to a skyscraper top.  

You receive recurring monthly income from just one sale. Get the member and then get paid over and over. Now multiple that by hundreds of members and you have a retirement plan that kicks the snot out of any 401k.

Oops...big problem, though. They're time consuming, expensive and difficult to set up.

Until now…

Using a special secret I have - you can get one going without needing any fancy software or complicated scripts.  What's more -- -- you won't need to create a lick of content!

This module shows you what sells and how to make it so irresistible that members will be forced to subscribe month after month. After this you'll be able to easily and cheaply get your own profitable membership site up and running.

You'll get raw, uncensored intel such as...

How to find the best markets to build membership sites for (It's probably not where you're thinking).

How to create a membership site that's 100% free to set up and easy to maintain with no ongoing work.

Wicked tricks to grab boatloads of eager members (and how to keep them on for the long haul).

How to take your existing product or service and earn a recurring income from it every month.

How to have your membership site up and taking orders in less than a day.

How to create a membership site that will have you set for life.

The secret to making your membership site so successful month after month that you'll be earning easy money for a lifetime.



Module 9: Product Launch Profits

Product launches create fireworks. All of a sudden it seems like everyone is talking about your product... and the massive attention will explode your list and have people panting like a dog in heat for the date when you finally release your product.  

Just look at this mini launch I did - 1 months work:



In this module, you'll get the step-by-step details to building pre-launch buzz, making your launch go viral, getting super affiliates on board, and even leveraging your launch to get you a whopping new list at the same time.

I'm pulling together all the knowledge you've gained in the other modules, as well as adding every single closely guarded secret I've discovered to make the launch of your first product an explosive success!

You'll discover...

Closely guarded marketing secrets to build pre-launch buzz and make your launch go viral.

How to seek out and sign up the top dog super affiliates - these are the guys with the mega lists and the power to propel your sales to the stratosphere with a single click.

The countdown to zero hour. I'll reveal the shockingly simple ways you can be sure your launch enjoys a flawless lift off.

Little changes equal big results - How to test and optimize everything for the largest number of sales. (I'll give you the heads up on the seemingly insignificant changes that will return MEGA results!).

How to get your affiliates to go above and beyond to make every sale they possibly can and then some.

The best online sites to handle your affiliate program - it's crucial you pick a program everyone trusts.

How to execute a ridiculously profitable pre-launch.

Creating essential buzz - I'll reveal the hard core techniques used by the top dogs to drive your prospects wild with anticipation...

How to use your product launch to massively build your list and make more sales at the same time.

How to set up your own affiliate program - I'll tell you the best way to do this and the dangerous pitfalls you need to avoid.

Positioning your launch - I'll show you how clever use of leverage will mean your launch skyrockets your whole business to the next level.



Module 10: Website Flipping For Fast Cash

Got a spare 5 hours?  How about turning those hours into $1,000 or $2,000?

Website flipping is the method and this module shows you this crazy lazy cash machine! After you see this, your life will never, ever be the same.

Create sites quickly and sell them fast. Virtual real estate can be far more profitable than dirt real estate and it's virtually risk free.

So, I'm going to give you every little naughty, hidden secret to this lucrative money spinner.

All you'll need to add are the insider secrets I'll be revealing, like these...

Take advantage of the virtual real estate boom - Find out how to build a site fast for less than $20 and flip it for thousands.

Where and how to sell your site for top dollar. With this advice you'll be able to sell a site for up to TEN TIMES its monthly earnings or more!

When to sell a site and when to hang onto it.

The best type of domain name for big profits and the place to register so transferring it to your buyer will be hassle free.

Simple tweaks you can make in minutes to nearly double your earnings from every flip.

Find out how to quickly and easily determine your site's value and discover what you must to do to pull in the big buyers with deep pockets.



Just as it’s worked for HUNDREDS of my students over the years...


Here’s just a few of their stories:







Enter Email To Download:

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Let me guess...



Making more money than everyone on your block...


I’ve been on both sides of the fence...


And I know with every fibre of my being...


If I could’ve gotten the shortcut to profits you’re about to receive five years ago...





$10K would be a bargain for this information...Because I've made millions with it and will

continue to make millions more with it over my lifetime.


But $10K just isn’t within reach for most people...


I know I didn’t have close to that on a good day...


So I got out my hatchet and started to chip away at the price...




Surely it’s worth $5K to live a life that knows no limits...


To make money from anywhere. While answering to no one.


But something still didn’t feel right. $5K is a month’s worth of bills for most of you...


How can you possibly survive without all that money...even for a day?


So I chopped again.


$2.5K was my next move...






And then I got comfortable with the idea of charging $297


And that’s as low as I can possibly go....


But that doesn’t mean...EARLY birds can’t get a special deal.


I LOVE rewarding people who take fast action....


So here’s what I decided.




I’ll give this away for next to nothing...


$37 in fact...


Just enough to make sure you value what you’re getting...


Enter Email To Download:

(11 downloads remaining)



But if investing in your future isn’t your thing...


I’ve got a solution for that too.




Now as if you needed anything else to sweeten the deal...


I am throwing in a bonus...just to make sure you get triple your investment right off the bat.








Ever need just an extra $300 - $500 bucks?


What if you had a way of generating that on command. And you KNEW it would work.


Every single time.


What would that do for your stress?


For your confidence?


That power...that is exactly what you’ll have in the Guaranteed Commission Formula...



ith your order of Internet Marketing Gone Wild


...and it’s not for sale anywhere else.


Nor will it ever be.


So think long and hard... just not too long...


You can keep having your alarm clock waking you up.


Or you can start waking up when you’re ready.


You can keep having your schedule set by someone ELSE...


Or you can go to and fro as YOU please..


You can let your BUDGET...decide what you can afford to drive





What I’m offering you...isn’t just path to a better financial situation


What I’m offering you is...




IN fact, design it...


Or keep your ball and chain...


That’s a choice only you can make...


Don’t push it off until tomorrow


“tomorrow never comes”


The future belongs to those who take action in the moment..




This offer WON'T be around long...


And if you blink you just might miss it...




Or let your job crush you...


Your next click decides your future...


I hope you make the right choice...


Enter Email To Download:

(11 downloads remaining)



To YOUR Success,








P.S. As you’re taking a shower worrying about your problems with money...I want you to think back to this moment...because this is your last best chance.


P.P.S. When you treat yourself to that luxury item you’ve always wanted...I don’t want you to forget that it all started with your decision right here on this page...



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